SIUI Ultrasound
SIUI CTS-5000 Digital Mobile Ultrasound Imaging System

SIUI Ultrasound

SIUI CTS-5000 Digital Mobile Ultrasound Imaging System

Compelling Real-time 3D (4D) imaging

By adopting world leading image processing techniques, such as real-time 3D (4D) data visualization, real time volume rendering, real-time 3D (4D) filtering and real time virtual lighting, the CTS-5000 is featured with excellent real-time 3D (4D) ultrasound imaging function.


State-of-the-art Volumetric Probe

SIUI is one of the few manufactures than can develop volume probes (also called 4D probe) in the world, and its technology is in the leading position. Therefore, the CTS-5000 is endowed with high-definition volume probe, ensuring superb real-time 3D (4D) ultrasound imaging effect.

Outstanding 2D Imaging

In addition to powerful real-time 3D (4D) imaging function, the CTS-5000 is in itself a high-end trolley ultrasound system and it is featured with highly clear image quality and strong functions.


High Frequency Sampling

Deliver images with real representation of actual organs.

 PWD Upgradeability


Auto IMT



Simple & Quick Real-time 3D (4D) operation

Unlike complicated operation in traditional real-time 3D (4D) ultrasound imaging, the CTS-5000 adopts simple and quick operation method. Just with a few simple steps, the real-time 3D (4D) ultrasound images can be easily obtained.

Complete documentation system

With the direct PC connection, various file storage format, report auto creation & more, CTS-5000 offer you the complete documentation management functionality

Complete M-Mode Function

Editable screen layout for B-mode and M-mode: Up/down or left/right display for selection.

2560-second super large capacity for M-mode cine.


Smart Tracing function

When measuring area or circumstance, if the trace is not good, press Backspace to return to the proper place and then continue tracing.